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In 2008 Talcon Group LLC was formed.  Rick and Sabrina had history of working together in years past in the underground utility construction industry and decided to join forces once again.  They had a reputation for quality work and a philosophy of completing a project on time and within budget, they were also able to provide solutions for any problems that might arise on a project.  This passion has remained and is what sets Talcon Group LLC apart from the pack.


In the past 8 years Talcon Group LLC has come to have great standing with our customers and municipalities.  Our number one customer is the City of Tallahassee. Recently, we have expanded to include working for Escambia County Utility Authority, City of Calloway, and Leon County.  Our reputation for sewer work, lift station work and treatment plant work is highly regarded by engineers and inspectors. 


TALCON’s success is based on an attitude of problem solving and quality work, with the intent that the customer can be proud of the completed project


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